What I do…

Every business needs content to keep its customers engaged and informed. But writing content consumes a lot of time you just don’t have. Here’s a few ways that I can help you:

Blog Posts –

Reading a blog is like sitting in a coffee shop talking to an old friend. Informal and casual, blogs also provide useful information. The best blog posts entertain while they inform. And an active blog is important for your business. Did you know that companies with blogs produce 67% more leads than companies without them?


Unlike its informal cousin, the blog posts, an article is more formal and doesn’t offer a lot of opinions. It presents facts clearly and logically. When the reader finishes an article, they feel smarter and better informed by the effort.

Explainer Videos Scripts

It’s an old problem. You have something new and great going on, but you’re having a hard time getting anyone to notice. Things that are new or complicated get passed over for one simple reason: no one understand how it works.

Here’s an example that explains why you should hire me!

Case Studies

Few people love their clients more than you. You know your success ties to theirs. That’s why you’re continually looking for ways to exceed their expectations. Case Studies highlight your customers’ success. And when prospective customers read about your customers, they can imagine their own success with your help.

Press Releases

By their nature, a press release needs to be written in a way that a journalist or blogger can use to create an interesting story their readers will want to engage with. If your press release contains a newsworthy story and is ready for print, you’ve won half the battle.

White Papers

A white paper is the most authoritative of all business writing. The primary purposes are to educate while presenting your company’s solution to a difficult problem. Before making big decisions about products, many CEOs will read white papers first get all the relevant facts and statistics surrounding their decision.