Explainer Video Scripts

It’s an old problem. You have something new and great going on, but you’re having a hard time getting anyone to notice. Things that are new or complicated get passed over for one simple reason: no one understand how it can help them.

Explainer videos make all the difference. With an explainer video, you can break down complicated ideas into easy to follow steps–show the benefits in an easily digestible way.

Visual language along with the imagery in the video gives the viewer a more precise understanding of your product the shortest amount of time since the two elements reinforce each other.

Some Stats

Internet Retailer reports that:

  • 96% of all respondents say they find watching a video helps them makes an online purchase decision.
  • 73% say they are more likely to purchase after watching a video that explains the products they are looking at online.

Explainer videos inform and entertain your prospective clients, and move them toward ‘yes’ faster. I’ll write a script that gets to the heart of the problem and illustrates your brillian solution. Let get started writing yours today! If you need voice talent and a graphic artist, I can help you with that, too. To get started, all you have to do is click “Write Me!” and tell me your idea.